Mangroves store three to five times more carbon than tropical forests, which makes them elemental in the fight against carbon emissions and global warming. Continued deforestation of mangrove areas disturbs habitats and damages biodiversity, a key effect of this being the decline in fishery yields. Mangrove Reforestation Programs Planting mangroves in degraded areas is essential in rehabilitating areas that have been over-harvested. The reason was that the tiny two-feet tall plants had now become six or seven feet tall, and the thick foliage completely obscured the way to the panel. However, in early 2019, the community of Sasmuan in Pampanga was greeted by the sight of three of these endangered species flying over the river. The loss of mangrove forests worldwide is slowing, except in Asia, where there’s been a massive increase in deforestation over the past 30 years. At the Ericsson Blog, we provide insight to make complex ideas on technology, innovation and business simple. In Kenya, over 70% cover loss (since 1985) has been recorded in peri-urban areas like Mombasa, and this has mainly been due to over-harvesting. Field guide to Philippine mangroves (3.43 MB) 4. This project was launched to support the recovery of the mangrove forests. Funding community-led mangrove forest monitoring, restoration, and reforestation projects around the world. The threats to mangroves in Kenya are many, and most of them human-induced. They also serve as nurseries and habitat for fish and other sea creatures, which often are an important source of food and/or livelihood to the communities near mangrove forests. The recreation unit features a boardwalk among the trees, and a restaurant that offers a Swahili cuisine experience to tourists. Like what you’re reading? Eden Reforestation Projects Summary Mangroves are one of the most effective and economic methods of offsetting carbon emissions. Read our latest press release to find out more about our Connected Mangroves in Malaysia. A summary report of our reforestation plan can be accessed here: Mangrove Reforestation Plan. By engaging in tourism activities such as tour guiding or food services, the community generates income and reduces the need to exploit mangrove forests. Income from this trade will enable development projects for example, supplying clean water in the villages and renovating classrooms. Mangrove forests provide nursery grounds for many species of fish that rarely breed in the deep ocean because of strong water currents and predators. This calculates to an average of 12.3kg per year per tree. Reforestation is not exclusive to settlements along the coast. Coastal communities know their needs, challenges and traditional ways of maintaining mangrove forests. When I tried to find the original solar panels for the sensors we had installed here only four years ago, I couldn’t. Mangroves pack some punch when it comes to carbon sequestration but also provide a whole load of other natural benefits such as storm surge protection and vital habitat for many species. Please look around, and if you have any questions, please contact WIF at: No.70, Yaw Min Gyi Street, The project started in September 2019 and covers approximately 100 hectares of mangrove forest located on the southwest coast of Yapan Island in remote West Papua, Indonesia. Carbon offset project boosts conservation of Kenyan mangroves, Lamu launches mangrove restoration campaign, Reforestation project Tudor Creek mangrove restoration, Kenya, The coastal Kenyan villages bringing their mangrove forest back to life, Your email address will not be published. Up to now 50ha have been restored. Alternative fuel wood and timber resources can be incorporated, for example through agro forestry projects. Your funds support the non-profit Eden Reforestation Projects as they continue to reforest the island. Required fields are marked *. Over 10 years ago, however, the Philippine government placed the mangroves under protection, prompting the reforestation of the decimated mangrove belts. A healthy mangrove ecosystem raises the numbers of fish, and is an economic advantage to the fishermen and community. This over-exploitation risks some mangrove species becoming extinct. It’s a reforestation project which leverages connected technologies such as solar-powered sensors and real-time camera footage to collect critical data and present it to local communities on a digital dashboard.

mangrove reforestation projects

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