Tap Time Vault for an Extra Turn after this one, Wash & Repeat. View All Versions Rarity: R Card Type: Mono Artifact Description: Tap to gain an additional turn after the current one. Card Text: Time Vault comes into play tapped. Combo is the final undiscovered country of Old School Magic. Perhaps their biggest selling point is they offer enormous replay value – and therefore fun – because they are often fast and play out so differently with so many lines of play from game to game. The Infant Casket and Vault Combo has a wooden casket made from wood which displays a Teddy Bear holding three balloons on the soft interior. I can’t understand why more Old School players don’t maindeck Red Elemental Blast, the original Weissman tech. Sylvan, as we’ve seen, along with Howling Mine, is one of the best draw engines in the format, and it’s especially good when you have lifegain. I am aware that some of the combos are a bit clunky to assemble, but a key point is that these cards are powerful on their own as well. The reality of combo decks is both simpler and more complicated than they are widely perceived. This shifts attention in the appropriate direction, however, and forms the basis for uncovering engines that can do so. But with the imposition of the Banned and Restricted List and 60 card minimum construction limits, building a lethal fireball was even more difficult. But there is another, more important reason. Unlimited Edition. But, I’m not sure it isn’t fair. (60 cards, 35 distinct) - Black Lotus, Timetwister, Mox Pearl, Time Walk, Mox Sapphire, Ancestral Recall, Mox Ruby But is there a way to build a Time Vault combo deck that uses the original combo? And, what’s more, they are positively inspiring. Like Underworld Dreams, Mirror Universe was promptly restricted following it’s release in the Legends expansion. There's a reason why Time Vault is banned in every format except Vintage, where it falls onto the Restricted list alongside the Power 9. There are a few notes to make. Earlier this … I also really like the technology of Drop of Honey perhaps instead of some of the 4cc Enchantments I ran, although perhaps a mixture is best. When they are pretty well locked under Stasis, this creates free turns for you. The deck also uses several cards such as Force of Will and Ancient Grudge to efficiently deal with Null Rod , the most effective answer to the Vault-Key combo. Often just thrown into other decks, Beckert presented a focused Underworld Dreams combo deck with an excellent assortment of tactics to support and surround it. Maindeck 60. And I’d probably add at least 1-2 more Sylvan Library, probably over one of the creature defense cards. 6 months ago. The origins of the term “combo” as applied to Magic decks is lost to the sands of time (and I have searched! The point is that Fireball is the finisher for a range of combo decks. Then do a heroic walk away from the explosion. One of the best series, and a great source of information for those who are getting into Old School (myself included). Time Vault begins tapped. Product information Item Weight 0.06 ounces ASIN B005OVI1B0 Manufacturer recommended age 16 years and up Zomgasa on Treasure!! T-song has the bonus value of shutting down all opposing Moxen/Lotuses. Here’s what he presented: This deck illustrates the core concept of the recursion loop. Interesting concept, but I'm not seeing how you're supposed to win. I could probably improve the mana style from this deck and add some search cards and it could possibly work. Credited to Martin Jordo, here is “Mirror Ball”: This deck is interesting for a number of reasons. +1 (206)-914-7974Vintage Magic, LLC PO Box #6266, Olympia, WA 98507-6266, Old School Magic: Chapter 11 – The Untold History of Combo in Old School. Links Gatherer Scryfall. Introducing Old School 95, TimeWalking’s version – timewalking says: […] Lore is the crucial card of several recursion decks. By the summer of 2016, I had refined the following deck, which I proudly tested with great success in our monthly Old School events at the Albatross Pub in Berkeley: This list represents my best attempt to not only abuse Underworld Dreams in Old School, but to improve upon the efforts that have come before. Most players think of combo decks in terms of their prolific engines, either draw engines (like Yawgmoth’s Bargain, Memory Jar, Prosperity) or mana engines (Grim Monolith/Power Artifact, Worldgorger Dragon/ Animate Dead, Tolarian Academy/Capsize) or any of the countless other engines that have existed in Magic’s great history. The plan after that involves getting a Time Vault on the table and as that card is restricted the deck usually plays a … Type 1 is a mess with that combo available. Transmute can not only find Basalt Monolith, but also a finisher with Rocket Launcher. The key difference is that you need upkeeps, not combat phases. Because of this, a Time Vault with Titania's in play untaps as normal. That will go a long way to towards determining if we will plan future chapters beyond Chapter 12. The casket will fit perfectly into the vault and the vault is made with industrial polymer, it will seal with a water tight sealer. If you do, untap Time Vault. Although restricted, this combo was first popularized by the great Mark Justice during the heyday of Type 1 with a deck he called “Winds of Chains”: Mark Justice’s deck has to compensate for the sad fact that Underworld Dreams was restricted almost immediately after it’s initial printing, but Mark nonetheless built in another fantastic synergy: Chains of Mephistopheles and Winds of Change, a combo that was almost as devastating. Contemporary Storm decks in Vintage and Legacy follow this essential formula, but with many more deck building constraints. You could drop this combo into Any color deck as the Final Fortunes are in the deck for imprint ability.Enjoy, ~Traggy~ 0 This article has explored the least covered aspect of Old School Magic: Combo. Time Vault is not commander-legal though. The Old School movement would benefit greatly if Steve were to continue writing for VintageMagic.com – please keep these articles coming! Time Vault; Time Vault (Card) Time Vault. As we shall see, even in 93/94, there are excellent combo enablers, powerful engines, and capable finishers. With this combo set up, the goal is to sacrifice Forests to draw cards with Dark Heart, and play lands via Fastbond such that you gradually, but inevitably, build up enough mana for a lethal Fireball. Most often these AWCs are a … Fork is particularly useful in this strategy because it allows you to double the damage of Winds of Change while also serving as a situational counterspell (Forking an opponent’s counterspell) or duplicating removal or burn. While Time Vault looks fairly innocent on the surface, this two-mana artifact can turn into infinite turns very quickly with cards like Voltaic Key or Tezzeret the Seeker. It is little wonder that this combo was used even back in the day. The only win conditions in Magic that are equal to Time Vault are: Oath of Druids, Tinker, and Flash. First of all, the win condition, as for many of these decks, was Fireball. An alternative  win condition is a pseudo-Fireball; It’s a Forked Storm Seeker to win the game after a Timetwister. Consider adding Time Vault + Voltaic Key A Chicago-area player Bob Agra also has an interesting take on the archetype: But Dominic Dotterer may have the most interesting of the pre-Ice Age versions: Dominic’s list uses Land Tax and Ivory Tower to fuel the Sylvan Library draw engine, which gives the deck a little more ‘oomph,’ translating one form of card advantage into a life buffer and card quality and advantage. Stephen is the 2007 Vintage Champion and the Season 1 Vintage Super League champion. There are so many things to remark upon in his decklist, but many are curiosities. Yet, there is one area of Old School Magic that deserves more attention: combo. In conceiving this series, decks such as this were areas that I could contribute, by testing and tuning archetypes and refining them for an interested audience. The win condition is a lethal Fireball, which is fired off often after exchanging life totals with Mirror Universe and gorging on Sylvans or after Hurkyl’sing your Mana Vaults to generate lethal mana. There are a few back up plans, one of which is to Tinker for a robot to finish the match, but in general this deck just dumps out its hand and tries to take infinite turns. The Enchantresses serve as the draw engine here, drawing cards to find more combo pieces and help accelerate to the next loop. Otherwise, it’s fairly similar to my independently developed approach, which included a pair of Transmutes, Rocket Launcher as a Transmute target and infinite mana sink, and a full complement of Power Sink. Time Vault doesn’t untap normally during untap phase, to untap it, you must skip a turn. Thanks for the idea. Vault locks, unlike traditional locks, have a time window for when they can be opened. Lets not forget that he is also a 3/1 flash beater in a pinch. Privacy statement | Likewise, Notion Thief is the best paired with Dack Fayden, but can still be back breaking in response to a Brainstorm. In particular, he explains that the Lich should be played only on the turn you intend to combo out, and that the specific combo requires about five lands and a Mox with Dark Heart and Fastbond in play. Dack Fayden is excellent on his own, but even better with Notion Thief. Sphinx Summoner jumps out as a good add, but I don't know what should eb taken out, up to you I guess.. Use Time Vault more effectively in your decks. What the Giant Vault Combination Is in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Time Vault Combo. Each win conditions springs the mind to action, exploring ways to abuse each, and to fuel each. You can untap Time Vault at the beginning of your turn to ship the turn back to your opponent, even with Stasis in play. There are more events, more published decklists, but also more players working to revise and improve strategies in the format. The combo. Buying and selling genuine authentic Rolex, cartier, panerai, bregeut for affordable discounted prices. But, there was never an opportunity for me to play this deck in a tournament as a surprise, and in short order, very similar lists began to emerge. Also I suppose you already had a whole separate article about it, but curious if you would classify Reanimator as an Old School combo deck or not (particularly the All Hallow's Eve-based versions where Ice Age is not permitted). Final thoughts. In almost all of my actual matches with it (tournament or testing), I won on either Turn 2 or 3 (not counting Time Walk turns), and have been exceptionally close to multiple Turn 1 kills. $799.99. The Furnace Room - On the first floor of Stilton's Manor, to the left of the Great Hall and on the other side of the Dining Room vault hides a locked safe. It was the “go to” finisher for combo decks, at least until Kaervek’s Torch was printed, which, in turn, was replaced by Tendrils of Agony. There are a couple ways to minimize this problem. Although Old School Magic contains virtually all of the mana acceleration you could desire, there is a general perception that combo decks in Old School suffer from a lack of productive “combo enablers,” such as tutors or unrestricted draw engines. At the same time, the deck has enough defense with Moat, The Abyss, Balance, etc. Would definitely recommend more tutors or a Damnation.. Tidehollow Strix is great, but have you heard of Baleful Strix?. The card that stands out is Verduran Enchantress, which, with Dark Heart, Dance of Many, Fastbond, and other enchantments, forms a draw engine. I did write a separate article on Reanimator, which is part of the reason I didn’t include it here. Finish by turning away and not looking at the explosion. I hope to see you touch on Mono-Black, my deck of choice, because it would be very helpful to see how that deck evolved in it's many iterations. Without knowing this time window, you won't be able to enter the vault even if you know the combination, so make sure you know the time for when opening can be performed. Because this deck uses so many Mirrors, I think Channel is more justifiable. In this unrestrained era (described in my History of Vintage: 1993 Chapter), you could build decks essentially as follows: Eventually, the Fireball was replaced with Braingeyser (and the deck became BrainTwist), but the principle was the same: use Loti and Twisters to generate a critical mass of mana, and win the game with a lethal Fireball on the first turn. The most famous fuel for Fireball is Channel; but with Channel restricted, it is an unreliable source. Forgotten Lore is the card that allows you to recur all of the restricted spells like Timetwister, Time Walk, and Ancestral Recall repeatedly. But I’d also probably add a Drop of Honey or two somewhere between the maindeck and sideboard, and probably over The Abyss. TappedOut.js Blog Widget, All Spells, Zero Lands, Turn One Win (Budgetish). After this tournanent, and in fact, doing preparation for this article, I encountered what the Swedish group calls “MirrorBall” strategy. These strategic objectives form the basis on which combo decks are made possible in Old School formats. ), but it almost certainly arrived as a shorthand for “combination.”  The first months of Constructed Magic under the auspices of the Duelist Convocation featured many killer “combinations.” For example, one of the earliest references I can find is a strategy article by Beth Moursund in The Duelist # 6, early 1995, with the title “Cluster Decks: Making Combinations Work.” In an intriguing sidebar, she lists many of the game’s most broken “combinations,” including Channel-Fireball and Time Vault with Animate Artifact and Instill Energy, “the oldest ‘invincible’ combination around.”  Although Channel-Fireball is probably the most famous, Time Vault, Animate Artifact, and Instill Energy was the most feared, earning Magic’s first banning for power level reasons. You're not allowed to have a turn, EVER! Sylvan Library and Land Tax also synergize together, creating a shuffle effect. Average Type Distribution. At a certain point, you build a critical mass of resources, such that any time you cast Timetwister, you will have enough good spells in hand to immediately recur it, but only after deploying all of your mana and playing other good spells in the process. We allowed it (as described in Chapter 10), and I would encourage others to do so, until it’s proven that there is a dominant deck as a result. This site is unaffiliated. , and Blightsteel Colossus + Tinker Another approach that has sometimes been tried is simply to use cards like Mana Flare/ Gauntlet of Might and Candleabra of Tawnos to build toward lethal Fireballs (here is one such example of that approach, and here is another, using High Tide as well). Buyers are raving! As you can see, the deck has 3 Fastbonds, which allows it to accelerate quickly. Time Vault is not commander-legal though. The HD-200 Quick Vault provides secure access with the ease of a simple electronic combo. There is a parallel concern that there is a lack of excellent finishers to complement these absent engines. The longer plans take to carry out, the more time enemies have to ruin your combo. $799.99. But one of the key points is the way in which Howling Mine fuels this deck. Old school Time Vault by myrdin1. At this point, you have successfully set up the loop; you can cast the potent, restricting cards that are aimed at harming your opponent, cast Timetwister to draw them again, and repeat this until you’ve defeated your opponent.”. I’m confident, however, that this archetype, by blending my ideas with those already established by MirrorBall pilots like Martin Jordo, can provide a fierce deck in any Old School environment. This way, Transmute can find two parts of the three part combo. Oddly enough, the first combo to break time vault since its errata in 1996 wasn't an infinite turn combo, it was an infinite damage combo that couldn't care less about the extra turns (or 90% of time vault's text for that matter). MTG Combo: Time Vault + Voltaic Key Latest Decks. According to Zak, the goal with this list is to “get to the point where you have Island Sanctuary, two Stone Calendars (or one and a Copy Artifact), a Fastbond, and a creature with Spirit Link and Unstable Mutation in play, and just Time Walk, Berserk, Timetwister, Regrowth, Disenchant, Power Sink Black Lotus, Swords to Plowshares and Strip Mine in your hand, graveyard, and library.” From that point, you can build infinite mana with Regrowth for Timetwister and Lotus in each loop (because of the two Stone Calendars). Without purporting to be exhaustive, I’ve presented the six most prominent Combo strategies in two modes: their contemporary iterations and historical counterparts. Towards the end of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, you’ll find yourself in a certain someone’s lab. 1,253 Sales | 5 out of 5 stars. It’s not entirely deterministic, but it’s darn close. Unlimited Lich & Legends Mirror Universe = A Lethal Combination. If Time Vault would become untapped, instead choose one - untap Time Vault and you skip your next turn; or Time Vault … It’s a tutor in a format with a paucity of tutoring effects. With this deck, you can put an Instill Energy on a Birds of Paradise to pay for Stasis indefinitely. This deck is significantly more powerful with Ice Age, but even in 93/94, this deck can pack a punch. Legends Underworld Dreams and Winds of Change. Consult is definitely broken. There is, however, a similar effect that can inflict nearly as much damage: Winds of Change. What are your thoughts on Demonic Consultation ? First that comes to mind is the classic combo Voltaic Key, which has been upgraded to Manifold Key, but another card I’ve added to my cube is Kiora’s Follower which acts as a dude, untaps Time Vault, or can ramp mana! A secondary goal is that you may be inspired to try one of them or build your own. Voltaic Key Greed and Book of Rass are two similar effects that allow you to exchange life for cards, and are especially useful with Mirror Universe or other life-gain. Instead of generating an inordinate amount of mana, now the combo pilot must generate storm instead. This deck is a fragile but powerful combo deck that spends its early turns developing its board with Mana Vaults, Sylvan Library and Howling Mine.

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